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When the Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities (CSPD) asked us to do their 2016 Annual Report, we decided to flip the script by putting the creation of the AR in the hands of the people it represents.

No one should tell you what you’re capable of and what you’re not, but sadly that often happens to people living with disabilities.

So when we say we flipped the script, we truly did. We went out and put cameras into the hands of the clients of CSPD. We gave them a few pointers on operation and had them film one another. The result was more honest and candid footage than we could ever achieve ourselves.

We also asked a few members to write out the alphabet to be turned into a custom font giving a unique voice to the messages put forth in the Annual Report.

This approach did not go unnoticed. Applied Arts awarded it with the 2017 Annual Report of the Year.

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Notable Points

  • The fully responsive website uses fonts created by the people featured.
  • Video plays on desktop and substituted for still images on mobile for performance considerations.
  • Videos pause when navigated away from and resume when brought back into frame. Videos also start to preload on either side of the video in frame so when the user switches to the slide before or after, the videos play right away with little to no buffering.
  • Three methods of navigation include clicking the arrows, swiping with mouse or finger and the left/right keys on the keyboard for better accessibility.

Animated slides featuring our CSPD friends' hand-lettering

Animated slides featuring our CSPD friends' hand-lettering

Clean and easy-to-read AR information pages a click away

Clean and easy-to-read AR information pages a click away

Optimized for mobile

Optimized for mobile
Award Corner
Applied Arts

Vendor: Applied Arts

Award Category: 2017 Annual Report of the Year

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