Flathead Energy - Case Study


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The innovative AT-1 Wellhead Penetrator system eliminates the need for a below-wellhead electrical connection saving valuable time in the field.

Easily repairable and good for all weather conditions... AND easy to install. What's not to love?

I was approached to create a simple website for a clever wellhead penetrator tool set.

Not knowing a lot about the subject, I worked with my client to get things looking the way they had imagined. They wanted a bold, confident approach to the product so I chose colors accordingly.

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Full page capture of the entire project

Full page capture of the entire project

Currently a simple one page site with plenty of room to grow. DatoCMS backend allows the site owner to edit and publish easily and since it's a headless CMS and static site, it's hosted on Netlify at no cost.

The only expense is the annual URL renewal for this performant static site with a CMS backend.

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